Stimulation Services

Stimulation Treatment Designs

Gore Nitrogen has the field experience, engineering, and resources to assist with your frac designs.

  • ​Frac Pro Modeling
  • Engineering
  • Field Experience

Foam Fracturing

Foam fracturing is one of the premier ways to complete your well. With GN2, it is also one of the most economical ways to stimulate your well. Use Gore Nitrogen's expertise and experience to achieve your well's optimal production.

Foam Services Foam Advantages
  • Foam Fracs
  • Nitrogen Assist
  • Nitrogen Foam
  • Ultra High Quality
  • Nitrogen Gas Fracs
  • Excellent proppant transportation capacity
  • Improved fluid efficiency
  • Reduced fluid leak off into the formation
  • Reduced fracture skin damage
  •  Improved fracture conductivity
  • Shorter post-frac well cleanup times
  • Increased frac fluid load recovery
  • Reduced formation damage due to frac fluid contact
  • Less water required for frac treatments
  • Less water to dispose of after frac treatments
  • Typically results in a higher return on investment

Crosslinked Gel Frac Jobs

Precise fluid additive control and proper mixing give a consistent high quality crosslinked fracturing fluid. The PreBlender/Hydration unit mixes a consistent, high quality, linear gel that is delivered to the Blender fully hydrated. Gore Nitrogen's fluid tech monitors and controls all of the fluid additives from the custom designed and built Chemical Additive Unit to the Blender. GN2's Blender is custom designed to optimize fluid mixing and sand wetting & pumping. The complete fluid preparation and sand mixing system consisting of the PreBlender, Chem Add Unit, and Blender were all custom designed to work together to provide the best fluid consistency and proppant transport to your well.

Slickwater/Acid Fracs

Gore Nitrogen prides itself on having well maintained high pressure pumping and blending equipment. This helps ensure the consistent and uninterrupted pumping service that you can expect. The 2500 HP Quintaplex Pumps used by GN2 feature the most reliable twin disc transmissions in the industry for smooth pumping operations.

Remote Data Transmitting

Gore Nitrogen offers satellite remote data transmitting for all frac jobs. The simple, reliable system used by GN2 to transmit your job ensures that you will be in constant contact with the information needed to make real time decisions regarding the frac treatment.


Frac Van

All of the frac parameters are monitored and controlled from the Frac Van. GN2 uses the latest fracturing diagnostic software to provide the most information available. The precise information makes real time decisions during the frac treatment much easier. The GN2 Frac Van is equipped with satellite equipment to easily transmit your job data to any location. This allows you to monitor and make decisions regardless of your location during the job.

Chem Add

Pre-job testing is done on all fluids before all jobs. After doing the pre-job fluid analysis, the GN2 fluid technician then monitors and controls all chemical inventories and rates during the job. This ensures that the same quality fluid you saw before the job is maintained during the entire treatment. The Chem Add consists of a mobile lab, eight automated chemical pumps and flow meters, and on-board chemical storage for readily available chemical inventories. All rates and concentrations are also displayed and monitored in the Frac Van for your convenience.


The blender tender is responsible for a consistent fluid delivery during the treatment. This includes the mixing of all the proppants. The GN2 Blenders are custom designed and built exclusively for Gore Nitrogen to the company's specifications. Extensive design work went into the mixing tub to ensure all proppant is properly wetted with minimal air entrainment. With a working volume of 3 BBL, the Blender is very responsive to proppant concentration changes, allowing almost instant changes when cutting sand or increasing concentrations. The on-board densometer and all rates are monitored and controlled in the Frac Van.


The GN2 Pre-Blender/Hydration Unit is used for mixing smooth, consistent, high quality gels. Guar gels are mixed directly from powder in a series of high energy mixers. The gel is then allowed to hydrate to full viscosity in the 110 BBL hydration tank. Fluid is taken directly from the hydration unit to the Blender. Additional chemicals can be added to the Pre-Blender or Blender directly from the Chem Add.

Iron Truck

​​GN2 maintains current certification on all of its iron. The 1 1/2", 2" and 3" iron is all Figure 1502. The 4" iron is Figure 1002. As with all processes at GN2, the Iron Truck is set up to operate as efficiently and safely as possible. The small crane is ideal for working in the tight confines of a well location. Manifolds are used to reduce rig up time and labor.

Frac Pumps

GN uses what are considered to be among the best frac pumps in the industry. They feature a 2500 HP Cummins engine, twin disc transmissions and SPM Quintaplex pumps. The Frac Pumping Units are automated and can be controlled remotely. All of the pumps have an automated pressure kick-out. Gore Nitrogen also has 1300 HP twin pumping units. The twin pumping units are ideally suited for lower rate and high pressure work. As with all equipment at GN2, the maintenance program is crucial for all pumping equipment. Gore Nitrogen adhears to a mandatory preventative maintenance program for all pumps. GN2 has found that quality maintenance translates to quality work on location.

Sand Equipment

  • 3000 cf Sand Box
  • 800 cf Sand Masters
  • 500 cf Pneumatics

​Good equipment and the best people make the difference. The GN2 Blender is designed with a large hopper, short screws, and a small tub. This makes the most responsive sand delivery system. For small or large jobs, GN2 provides a belt sand delivery system to ensure proper sand delivery rates at all times. The various sizes of equipment help ensure the most economical equipment for your job.